Premier Spa Austin

About Us

imageWhat sets us apart from all other spa concepts is our unique ability to systematically assess your individual specific needs with pinpoint accuracy.  The secret to our success is Quantum Reflex Analysis.

What is Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)?  QRA is a comprehensive system based on the principles of quantum bioenergetics, quantum physics and the human biofield.  QRA enables your practitioner to rapidly identify and prioritize the precise hierarchy of specific needs for your body.  During the QRA session, your practitioner will use a precision, hands-on kinesiology technique to test and assess the status of various key organ and gland points on the body for specific nutritional needs.  A recommended program for nutrition and nutritional supplementation will be prepared and discussed with you.* Your practitioner will also test and precisely identify areas of blockage or stagnation disrupting your body's bioenergetic meridian pathways.  Clearing bioenergetic blockages (also called interference fields) is key to restoring balance and health to your body. Your practitioner will recommend and discuss with you a specific program, using our various unique spa techiques, for clearing your interference fields, restoring balance and rejuvenating your body.

You will receive your treatments in our world-class facility that emits highly cell resonant Vastu energetics to provide a completely supportive and rejuvenating environment.  (Vastu is the ancient art of creating the most harmonious internal and external environments thereby achieving the best bioenergetic resonance, a concept from quantum physics.)  It is essential for you to have your Spa procedures performed in a quantum-state environment without unseen but energy-depleting pesticides, without out-gassing chemicals inside and out, and without toxic lotions, muds or baths.

Our mission is to assist you in the rejuvenation of your body, giving you a quantum leap to better energy levels, vitality and health.

*All quantum-state nutritional products are sold separately.